INTRODUCTION Our assessment was built and evolved around the stimulus of Alan Kurdi’s death, and effects it had on his fathers life after. Alan Kurdi was fleeing with his family from Syria, (due to danger from ISIS like millions of other Syrians) and was crossing the Mediterranean where he was driven in an unsafe boat steered by an unqualified driver […]

Dear Christopher McCandless I am writing to you to tell you how you and your extraordinary story inspired me to go and travel into the wild. Your story taught me how corrupt the world and government is. In this letter i want to tell you about how inspiring you story is . I really liked […]

In this essay i will be disusing the comparisons between the film into the wild by Sean Penn and the book by Jon Krakauer in which they both present the McCandless family in different way some good and some bad. The film presents Walt McCandless (father of Chris McCandless) as a world apart from his son. […]

1a. Chris was talented with the french horn. 1b. Chris quit playing the french horn because he didn’t want to sit next to his sister. He also didn’t like the rules. 1c. Chris and Carine spent hours building forts out of cushions. 1d. Chris and Carine held each others’ hand as they walked down the street. 2a. […]

1a. Jon Krakauer had climbed ” nearly seven hundred “, since he stopped off the glacier. 1b. Jon Krakauer says that “the rime was plastered over the rock to a thickness of two or three feet ,so I kept plugging upwards.” This shows that Jon krakauer had the confidence to climb the mountain. 1c. The […]

  • The distancing effect, more commonly known (earlier) by John Willett’s 1964 translation the alienation effect or (more recently) as the estrangement effect (German: Verfremdungseffekt), is a performing arts concept coined by playwright Bertolt Brecht. Brecht first used the term in an essay on “Alienation Effects in Chinese Acting” published in 1936, in which he described it as “playing in such a way that the audience was hindered from simply identifying itself with the characters in the play. Acceptance or rejection of their actions and utterances was meant to take place on a conscious plane, instead of, as hitherto, in the audience’s subconscious”.my scene was about recruitedments couldn’t training properly or following instructions for example I wasn’t doing push ups properly. The general was shouting at us and trying to make us work harder then he made us stand up in a line but we couldn’t do it then the scene ended

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Talk about how the character of the FOREMAN would be performed according to his motivation and objectives. The Forman’s motivation would be fear . He knows that if he didn’t get the work done in time he’d die. The Forman is the head of the building operation but still a builder himself . But because […]

1.”the climb was over the only place to go was down” the suggest that it was to hard to go higher on the mountain. “the climb was steep and so exposed it made my head spin” this suggest that the mountain is too steep and it makes him reflect on life as a whole because […]

In our scene we had me billy Henry ibby and lis we decided to have billy and Henry sitting down acting as posh people. There act was to spill tea in there cloths by accident and billy and Henry made a really big fuss about it. But in the other part of the split scene […]